Top 3 Reasons why You WANT to SERVE EMPANADAS at your superbowl party


Dear Football Fans:


It’s Super Bowl time again, and many of you are either hosting a party, or going to a party.


If you are hosting a super bowl party, here’s 3 reasons why you should serve empanadas.  (there’s a lot more than 3, but lets talk about the top 3 for now.)

If you’re not hosting, you have it made, you’re all set, relax, grab a beer, and enjoy the game.


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Here are the reasons:


  1. You will impress your guest. (Guaranteed)


When your guest see freshly baked, delicious empanadas right out of the oven, they will be more exited than watching the game itself. (ok, maybe not if they’re a true football fan, and their team is playing).


They will see that you put some thought into “your offerings” and will appreciate it much more than seeing same old pizza and tacos. 


     2. Easy to bake yourself (or we will bake them for you)

Baking them yourself is easier than you think. 

All you have to do is put them in your oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.

When you open that oven door, you’re whole house will smell like a french bakery!

Your guest will appreciate you for cooking fresh food, ( even though we did most of it for you) but that will be our little secret. 


    3. Easy to set up/clean up.   (so you can spend time with family and friends.)

Tired of spilled salsa and brown guacamole on your nice table??

Our empanadas are self contained and all the fresh, delicious ingredients are wrapped in a blanket of buttery dough. (feel free to lick your fingers) 


Clean up is a breeze, since there will be no leftovers because your guest will devour every last empanada.


Your guest will surely be impressed guaranteed, and even if one of your guest is not satisfied with our empanadas you can comeback and we will make it up to you.


But hurry, dont wait till the last minute (like everybody else) 

Our supply is very limited, and we will sell out!! 

Order now!!

By calling: 949-715-7622

ONLINE: (type in sergios empanadas)



P.S.  I hope you have a great time at the Super Bowl party you’re going to / or hosting, and may your “favorite team win”, or should i say “may the best team win



WARNING: This blog is very addicting (just like our empanadas)

Hello, my name is Sergio and this is my first blogpost online.

I want to share with you what i learned about empanadas, business and life in general. I want to also share lessons and mistakes, favorite tools and hacks, tips from experts, and things i find interesting.

As some of you know, I'm originally from Romania, and i sell Argentine inspired empanadas. I have never been to Argentina, and dont have any Argentinean family members,  but i do believe that the best empanada recipes come from there.  I meet people from all over the world that are very familiar with empanadas.

Although empanadas originated in Spanin, almost every culture has empanadas or something very similar.

Heres a short List of Countries and Their version of empanadas:

Argentina- empanadas                                                                                                                         

Belize - panades                                                                                                                                      

Chile - empanadas de pino                                                                                                                      

Italy - panzarotti / calzone                                                                                                                      

Venezuela - arepas                                                                                                                                  

United Kingdom - cornish pasty

The name comes from the verb ‘empanar,’ which means ‘to coat with bread’.                          

Miners  made great use of empanadas/cornish pasty given that their hands were always dirty, the outside crust made a perfect disposable handle.  I don't think your hands will ever be that dirty, and have to use empanadas like they did, but i thought it was a cool history fact for us to know. 

Comment below on your favorite empanada and its origins.